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Mountain Range

SUPPORTING YOU THROUGH GROWTH​ AND CHANGE My life experiences and education inform my work. I'm a therapist who has done my own personal work in therapy so I know what it's like to be sitting vulnerably and bravely in the room, and I strongly believe this makes me a more insightful and sensitive therapist. No one is perfect and that is what I appreciate about this work - we are flawed and trying. I want to help your efforts towards growth and healing be as efficient as possible. Our life stories make us interesting humans and influence who we are and who we become. I find it an honor to be part of someone's journey. I employ therapeutic modalities that are specific to my client's needs. You may benefit from CBT, Self Compassion, or Narrative Therapy. We may work gently on past trauma, PTSD, or acute situations. I am trained in several evidenced based approaches to healing both short and longer term - such as attachment work and psychodynamic theory.  I'm a life long resident of Marin County. I love nature and finding awe in everyday life. When I'm not working, I'm usually on a hike. Let's get started and get you feeling better!

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